Sustainable Landscape
Design and Development
Master’s Program

The master’s program focuses on landscape design and development, addressing social, ecological and aesthetic dimensions in an integrated way. The master’s course is accredited by the German Accreditation Council and is starting in fall 2021.

This research and design-based program combines a long German tradition of integrating landscape architecture and planning with an innovative approach to landscape design and development. It addresses 21st century challenges such as climate change, energy needs, health, food security, accelerating urbanization and migration, focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Students obtain an insight into the field of landscape design and development, acquire related typological knowledge, develop a critical understanding of different methods and gain experience in techniques and tools. This enables them to understand and intervene in different international contexts and to develop innovative landscape design and planning solutions at all scales, ranging from urban open spaces to urban systems, larger landscapes, and territories.