Sustainable Landscape
Design and Development
Master’s Program


The master’s program is open to highly-qualified international applicants with a 3- year Bachelor’s degree in the field of landscape architecture and planning, and of related subjects such as architecture, urban design and planning, and environmental planning. The language of instruction for this 2-year master’s program is English.


In order to apply to the master’s program you need to fulfill the following criteria:

– You need to have acquired a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in landscape architecture or in any related field such as architecture, urban design and planning, environmental planning, etc..

– The grade point average (GPA) of the prior academic degree needs to correspond to a German GPA of at least 2.3 .

– All applicants have to certify their academic documents via an acknowledged agency (UniAssist) to prove that they are entitled to study in Germany.

After the verification process (through UniAssist) of your eligibility to apply for this program, it’s mandatory to submit the following documents (total size may not exceed 10 MB):

– A curriculum vitae (CV, pdf, 1 page DIN-A4)

– A letter of motivation (pdf, 1 page DIN-A4).
Please refer to why you want to participate in this master’s program, point out a perspective of where you picture yourself in the future and reflect on the following aspects. (These references are important as they serve for reflection purposes for the internship report in 3rd semester).

– 1. Why do you want to enroll in the SLDD master’s program?

– 2. How can you demonstrate your motivation of participating in the SLDD master’s program (i.e. experiences from prior bachelor’s program, internships, design and planning competitions, or other professional experience)?

– 3. What are your expectations for the SLDD master’s program and of your future profession? Which professional developments are you seeking during the program and the internship and what qualification are you aiming to acquire after your graduation?

– A portfolio with work samples (pdf max. 7 pages).

– A certificate of good English skills such as:

  • TOEFL pbT 550/ibT 79
  • IELTS 6,5 Pkt.
  • Cambridge ESOL CPE / CAE grade B
  • FCE grade A
  • B2-Certificate
  • Bachelors degree acquired in Australia, UK, Ireland, Canada, New Zeeland, South Africa, USA or any state where English is established as an official language.
  • You acquired your previous degree in an English-speaking program.

– You acquired your previous degree in an English-speaking program. The applications will be evaluated by a committee which then determines the suitability of the applicants for this master’s program. Further information about the application and evaluation process can be found in the “Spezifische Masterprüfungsordnung” (“Specific Master’s Examination Regulations”).

Specific Master’s Examination Regulations PDF (De/En)

Please submit your application (pdf, max. size of 10 MB) at: (…UniAssist).

Tuition Fee

There are no tuition fees for this program. However, administrative fees of ca. 304 Euro (as in Jan. 2020) will be charged.

Notice: You will likely be confronted with additional fees by the application / evaluation agencies (i.e. UniAssist, etc.) as well as the visa process.